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Q1. How often do I need to clean my Uvent?

A: Depending on the amount of oil fume extracted, usually, there is no need to clean the internal parts. In order to prolong the service life and maintain excellent performance, it is recommended to clean the UV lighttube with wet towel once a day.

Q2. My hydro-vent works well, why should I use Uvent ?

A: The hydro-vent with the EP system requires frequent frequent carburetor changes, while the EP needs cleaning twice per month, the maintenance cost is high, and the cleaning time is long. Yet still unable to eliminate odor. It reflects that the use of hydro-vent with the EP system would cause an expensive initial investment costs and long-term operating costs.

On the other hand, Uvent 's high output UV-C can remove up to 90% of oily fume and odor. After treatment, the internal oxygen is converted into odorless transparent gas. In addition, the ozone inside the pipeline helps clean up the oil stains accumulated inside. Therefore, Uvent is safer and causes lower cleaning costs of the pipes and the body itself. 

Q3. My restaurant has low oil fume emission, why should I use Uvent ?

A: Uvent can reduce long-term operating costs. Just by slightly increasing the initial budget, your restaurant can adopt a safer, economical, and environmentally friendly product.


News from Catering Industry

       To all the caterers, if you don't want to waste a month of business revenue, you have to watch out! The government has never been relentless in prosecuting restaurants violating the Air Pollution Control Ordinance. Although there are not many cases, each case is fined as least 10,000HKD, and as serious as tens of thousands of fines or even ordered to suspend business. The reasons are inseparable from the restaurant's poor management of oil fume discharge, or the existing equipment is inadequate to deal with the disturbing smell of oil fume, which would eventually lead to complaints.

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